Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Privacy Wars Cover Art

Privacy Wars

Author: Rob Hamadi
Publisher: Vision
ASIN: 1905745052

About This Book

Exploring the conflict between civil liberties and national security, this book sounds the alarm about the current state of surveillance in the United States. Addressing the ease with which the federal government can monitor the telephone calls, e-mail, credit card purchases, money transfers, and even medical prescriptions of ordinary citizens, the book contends that information has become a weapon in the war on privacy. Interviews with people on both sides of the privacy debate—including experts from the Department of Justice, Equifax, Interpol, and Microsoft—provide recommendations about measures citizens can take to protect their privacy.

Rob Hamadi is head of communications at the Publishers Association, United Kingdom, and is the founding chair of the Digital Content Forum's Cybercrime Industry Action Group. He is the author of Identity Theft. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina.




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