Published: June 2011

Study digs into how we use social networks

A study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project reveals how our trust, personal relationships, and civic and political involvement are connected to the use of social network sites and other technologies.

Download a .pdf of the report entitled "Social networking sites and our lives"

According to the study, the number of people using social networking sites has nearly doubled since 2008 and the population of users has gotten older. Other findings include:

— 92 percent of social network users are on Facebook, 29 percent use MySpace, 18 percent use LinkedIn and 13 percent use Twitter.

— 52 percent of Facebook users use it daily, compared with 33 percent of Twitter users, 7 percent of MySpace and 6 percent of LinkedIn users.

— Among U.S. Internet users, 59 percent use at least one social network. That’s up from 34 percent in 2008.

— LinkedIn users tend to be older, male and more educated. They also tend to be more politically engaged than users of other social networks.

— MySpace users, who tend to be younger and less educated, are the least politically active among all social-networking users.

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Social networking sites and our lives

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