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  1. Press: Democrats add momentum to G.O.P. push to loosen banking rules
    The most significant attempt to loosen rules imposed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis is underway in Congress as the Senate looks to pass legislation within the next month that would roll back… | Jan 16, 2018
  2. Press: El Senado de EEUU aprueba la reforma fiscal republicana
    El Senado de Estados Unidos aprobó a altas horas de la noche una reforma fiscal de casi 1,5 billones de dólares tras frenéticos regateos de última hora. La votación dejó al Partido Republicano, que...… | Dec 01, 2017
  3. Press: House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on Senate effort
    House Republicans passed legislation that would overhaul the U.S. tax code, a crucial step forward in their effort to enact the centerpiece of President Trump’s economic agenda.  Trump and Republican leaders in Congress are aiming… | Nov 17, 2017
  4. Press: Congressional Republicans use special manuever to kill ‘arbitration rule’
    To secure a rare legislative victory this week, Senate Republicans turned to a strategy that has paid off for them in the recent past: killing policy rather than writing it. This time, Republicans took aim… | Oct 26, 2017
  5. Press: 9 million kids get insurance through CHIP. Congress is about to let it expire
    On September 30, funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program expires. After Republicans took a rushed and ultimately failed run at repealing Obamacare one last time, the program’s spending authorization is now at imminent risk… | Sep 29, 2017
  6. Press: Republicans introduce bills to scrap new bank arbitration rule
    Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have introduced bills calling for the repeal of a just-announced regulation that would make it easier for consumers to bring class-action lawsuits against banks. The rule unveiled last… | Jul 26, 2017
  7. Press: Buried deep within GOP bill: a ‘free pass’ for payday and car-title lenders
    You have to wade all the way to Page 403 of the 589-page Financial Choice Act to find a one-sentence provision that obliterates current efforts to bring fairness and responsibility to payday lenders and similar… | May 30, 2017
  8. Press: Banks, making record piles of cash, plead for regulatory relief
    After voting to radically overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, House Republicans will vote in coming weeks on rolling back financial reforms put in place to prevent big banks from once again driving the world to… | May 18, 2017
  9. Press: America’s consumer financial sheriff is under fire
    The impacts of legislation called the Financial Choice Act on consumers will be immediate and harmful. It will gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and return us to the Wild West days of the early… | May 15, 2017
  10. Press: Airlines abuse passengers; Congress weighs crackdown—on passengers
    Congress summoned airline executives to testify last week before the House Transportation Committee, and while they offered the requisite apologies for many of their recent, highly publicized abuses, they offered Orwellian rejoinders when confronted with… | May 03, 2017
  11. Press: GOP bid to gut Dodd-Frank renews debate over breaking up banks
    The roll-out of legislation this week that would rip up much of the Dodd-Frank Act marks a pivotal moment for Republicans’ efforts to overhaul post-crisis financial rules. It’s also an opportunity for Democrats to push… | Apr 26, 2017
  12. Press: Window closing for Republican stealth assault on US regulations
    The clock began running out this week on a strategy that has provided U.S. Republicans in Congress with their only notable legislative successes this year: aggressive use of an obscure U.S. law known as the… | Apr 05, 2017
  13. Press: Embattled bankers embrace Trump’s call for deregulation
    After spending years humbled by the fallout from the financial crisis, the banking industry is suddenly feeling emboldened. Attendance at the annual association gathering jumped 50 percent this year as bankers sense a rare opportunity… | Mar 26, 2017
  14. Press: Republicans set their sights on major tax cuts
    Picking themselves up after the bruising collapse of their health care plan, President Trump and Republicans in Congress will start this week on a legislative obstacle course that will be even more arduous: the first… | Mar 25, 2017
  15. Press: Congress and Trump are competing for the most destructive budget
    From social services to healthcare to environmental cuts, this article will examine some of what we will lose by the ill-considered choices of Trump and Congress. | Mar 20, 2017
  16. Press: An Obamacare repeal that’s both heartless and reckless
    The American Health Care Act, which House Republicans unveiled Monday night with White House support, is repeal and replace, kind of. It has some suspicious similarities to Obamacare. But it marks a sharp departure in… | Mar 08, 2017
  17. Press: Leashes come off Wall Street
    Dozens of federal rules protecting consumers, the environment and more could be eliminated in the coming weeks. The move represents one of the most significant shifts in regulatory policy in recent decades. It is the… | Mar 05, 2017
  18. Press: Who’d want to limit retirement plans? House Republicans
    There is no overstating how unprepared Americans are to retire. Nearly half of private-sector employees — some 55 million people — do not have an employer-provided retirement plan. Most of them are low- to middle-income… | Feb 15, 2017
  19. Press: Republican senators start attack on U.S. consumer financial watchdog
    Republicans lawmakers are starting to put in motion plans to destroy or defang the U.S. agency intended to protect individuals from financial fraud. The agency focuses on financial products such as mortgages and student loans. | Feb 15, 2017
  20. Press: Republicans have lost the plot on their Obamacare repeal
    President Trump and Republican lawmakers have never been able to explain how they would improve on the Affordable Care Act, which they’ve promised to quickly repeal and replace with something better. Now, it’s increasingly evident… | Feb 08, 2017
  21. Press: Congressional attack on prepaid card protections
    Consumers are on the brink of having the first legal protections on prepaid cards. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Prepaid card rule is under attack by GOP members of Congress doing the bidding… | Feb 07, 2017
  22. Press: Catherine Cortez Masto habla sobre ser la primera latina en llegar al Senado de Estados Unidos
    Para muchos demócratas, la victoria de Catherine Cortez Masto como candidata al senado en la apretada contienda de Nevada fue de los pocos momentos brillantes en una jornada electoral en su mayoría sombría. Cortez Masto,… | Jan 25, 2017
  23. Press: Why is the public apathetic about deregulating banks?
    Many Americans were outraged by Republican lawmakers’ attempt last week to get rid of Congress’ independent ethics watchdog and instead oversee themselves. But if Americans were so quick to recognize the ridiculousness of allowing the… | Jan 11, 2017
  24. Press: Americans can’t afford to lose Richard Cordray or the CFPB
    For the first time in history, American consumers have a vigilant watchdog, yet the CFPB’s opponents—Wall Street banks and financial predators—and their allies in Congress have worked nonstop over the past five years to undercut… | Jan 07, 2017
  25. Press: Obama’s policies in peril due to new Congress
    The most powerful and ambitious Republican-led Congress in 20 years will convene Tuesday, with plans to leave its mark on virtually every facet of American life — refashioning the country’s social safety net, wiping out… | Jan 01, 2017
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