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  1. Press: Hail caesar salad! Romaine is safe to eat again
    Attention Caesar salad fans: You may now safely rekindle your romance with romaine. Federal health officials have concluded that the tainted lettuce that sickened 172 people across 32 states, and killed one, is no longer… | May 18, 2018
  2. Press: Chili’s hit by data breach
    Hackers targeted Chili's restaurants to steal credit and debit card numbers and cardholder names from customers over the past two months. | May 15, 2018
  3. Press: Robocalls flooding your cellphone? Here’s how to stop them
    Citing statistics from YouMail, a developer of robocall-blocking software, the commission said consumers received an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls a month last year, driven in part by internet-powered phone systems that have made it cheap… | May 10, 2018
  4. Press: Bill to roll back financial crisis banking rules gets clear path to passage
    The measure's supporters have resolved a House-Senate impasse that threatened the bipartisan bill. | May 09, 2018
  5. Press: Weedkiller found in granola and crackers
    The FDA has been testing food samples for traces of glyphosate for two years, but the agency has not yet released any official results. | May 01, 2018
  6. Press: Uber is adding safety features it resisted for years
    A “panic button” and enhanced driver screening are among the safety-focused changes the ride-hailing service is making. | Apr 13, 2018
  7. Press: Under Trump, a voice for the American consumer goes silent
    In the 135 days since the Trump administration took control of the nation’s consumer watchdog agency, it has not recorded a single enforcement action against banks, credit card companies, debt collectors or any finance companies… | Apr 10, 2018
  8. Press: Up to 5 million accounts affected by another data breach
    A data breach at department store chains Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off Fifth and Lord & Taylor has compromised the personal information of customers who shopped at the stores. | Apr 02, 2018
  9. Press: If media giants grow, so may your bills
    The government doesn’t want you to pay too much to watch your shows. That’s why the Justice Department says it is challenging the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner. | Mar 23, 2018
  10. Press: Do I need to worry about radiation from WiFi and bluetooth devices?
    What’s known about the potential risk from routers and wireless headphones. | Mar 02, 2018
  11. Press: Citi to refund $335 million after finding card APRs too high
    Citigroup Inc., one of the world’s largest credit-card issuers, said it will refund $335 million to U.S. customers whose annual percentage rate should have been lower. | Feb 26, 2018
  12. Press: Student-debt firms protected from states under Trump
    Student-loan debt collectors accused of misleading borrowers would get protection under a proposal from the Trump Administration. | Feb 26, 2018
  13. Press: California has strict rules for robocalls and they’re routinely ignored
    Most robocalls get around California's tough rules by originating from other states, beyond the reach of state officials. | Feb 23, 2018
  14. Press: Is it ‘natural’? Consumers, and lawyers, want to know
    When products are labeled natural, the court challenges begin, raising questions about whether labeling is really misleading or simply fodder for a lawsuit. | Feb 19, 2018
  15. Press: Consumer protection bureau losing its teeth
    Acting director Mick Mulvaney is turning the financial watchdog into a corporate lapdog. For nearly seven years since it began, the federal government’s first agency dedicated to protecting consumers fought successfully to prevent rip-offs by credit card… | Feb 14, 2018
  16. Press: With CFPB in limbo, states take the reins for consumer rights
    As the legal fight over leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lingers, the states are flexing their muscles and promising to fill the gap.  Last week, a group of 17 attorneys general wrote President Trump and… | Dec 21, 2017
  17. Press: We all have a stake in the future of the CFPB
    Polls consistently show that the CFPB is that rarest form of regulatory agency: one that — after Americans learn more about it — is supported by broad majorities of people belonging to both parties (80… | Dec 08, 2017
  18. Press: Don’t let Trump & Wall Street gut consumer protection bureau
    The president circumvented the law to name an acting director who wants to hobble it. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has made good on its mission: It has returned nearly $12 billion directly to… | Nov 30, 2017
  19. Press: Who loses if Trump guts consumer watchdog?
    If you have a credit card, mortgage, payday loan or do any type of consumer financing, expect to be hurt by President Donald Trump’s plan to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — a controversial… | Nov 28, 2017
  20. Press: Top tax writer suggests 401(k) changes still on the table
    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) suggested Wednesday that a tax bill could still make changes to 401(k) plans and other retirement savings programs, even as President Trump suggested in a tweet that… | Oct 27, 2017
  21. Press: 17 states slam Betsy DeVos for blocking rules on for-profit colleges
    Democratic attorneys general in 17 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over the department's decision to block Obama-era protections for students attending for-profit colleges. | Oct 20, 2017
  22. Press: Use of controversial weedkiller is expected to double
    The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that it will let farmers keep spraying the weedkilling chemical dicamba on Monsanto's new dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. The decision is a victory for the biotech giant and the… | Oct 17, 2017
  23. Press: Whole Foods: hackers gained access to customers’ credit cards
    Whole Foods shoppers are being urged to check their credit card statements, after the company says it was hacked. | Oct 03, 2017
  24. Press: Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients’ secret emails
    One of the world’s “big four” accountancy firms has been targeted by a sophisticated hack that compromised the confidential emails and plans of some of its blue-chip clients, the Guardian can reveal. | Sep 26, 2017
  25. Press: Wall Street’s watchdog fails own counsel on disclosing cyberattacks
    In a 2014 speech, the then-chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White, offered a stern reminder to corporate America: If hit by hackers, they had to tell the public about it. Now,… | Sep 22, 2017
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