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  1. Press: Choose wisely on reward credit cards can save you money (Chinese)
    很多量販店有自家的信用卡,獎勵在店裡採購。有些信用卡則向量販店會員提供更大幅度的省錢。 | Oct 13, 2017
  2. Press: Amazon making it easier for teens to use their parents’ credit cards, already the most popular online retailer among adults, is setting its sights on a new demographic: teenagers. | Oct 13, 2017
  3. Press: Whole Foods: hackers gained access to customers’ credit cards
    Whole Foods shoppers are being urged to check their credit card statements, after the company says it was hacked. | Oct 03, 2017
  4. Press: 3 myths that could tank your credit score
    Myth No. 1: Closing out credit card accounts will boost your score Many people assume that if they close out a bunch of credit card accounts, their credit scores will rise. After all, having fewer… | Aug 31, 2017
  5. Press: Chips can fall out of credit cards, leaving consumers vulnerable
    A new wrinkle in smart technology serves as a reminder for consumers to be cautious, as the tiny chip in your credit card can fall out and then be used by someone else to access… | Aug 09, 2017
  6. Press: When canceling a credit card, use caution
    How to avoid expensive consequences when you’re thinking of ditching one. | Aug 08, 2017
  7. Press: How to help your college kid get a credit card
    It used to be that signing up for your first credit card was one of those college rites of passage. You’d fill out some forms at a booth on the quad, get a free T-shirt… | Aug 08, 2017
  8. Press: Many homeowners are guilty of financing renovations on credit cards
    A May study by Hearth, a financial technology start-up that provides support for homeowners making renovation decisions, found that 12 percent of Americans planned to finance their renovation with a credit card, which is one… | Aug 03, 2017
  9. Press: Five words you never say when paying by credit card in foreign country
    We recently traveled to Spain and Portugal. When paying by credit card, we were given the option of paying in euros or dollars. It was unclear which was more advisable. I carry a co-branded airline… | Aug 01, 2017
  10. Press: Hackers stole credit card numbers from Trump’s hotels for months
    Guests at 14 Trump properties, including hotels in Washington, New York and Vancouver, have had their credit card information exposed, marking the third time in as many years that a months-long security breach has affected customers of the… | Jul 18, 2017
  11. Press: Cuando las promociones de compra terminan saliendo caras
    Si tiene intereses diferidos por un periodo de tiempo, sepa todos los detalles Walmart ha eliminado recientemente una de las promociones que ha usado en sus tarjetas de crédito, los intereses diferidos, para pasar a… | Jun 21, 2017
  12. Press: 40% of Americans spend up to half of their income servicing debt
    Americans are struggling to get out of the red. Some 40% of Americans with debt are spending up to half of their monthly income paying it back. And that may not even be enough to… | May 05, 2017
  13. Press: Your credit score is about to become more forgiving
    New changes are coming in the fall to how one major credit score is calculated, and the shift could make the key number more forgiving for people who have debt. The VantageScore, a credit scoring model developed… | Apr 27, 2017
  14. Press: What to do about heavy credit card debt
    Dear Liz: I have a lot of credit card debt and am just able to make minimum payments. I feel like after doing this for four years now that I am not getting ahead. I… | Apr 08, 2017
  15. Press: Credit card companies will negotiate with consumers
    A new study from says 87 percent of cardholders who asked for a late fee waiver and 67 percent who requested a lower interest rate were granted their requests, just for asking. | Mar 31, 2017
  16. Press: Don’t agree with a company fee? Consider the power of asking
    As if we aren't shelling out enough dough to handle our monthly bills, we often find ourselves slammed with late fees, annual fees, and interest rate spikes. Sometimes, it's easier to pay up rather than… | Mar 29, 2017
  17. Press: ¿Paga muchas comisiones en su tarjeta de crédito? Pida una rebaja
    Pedir un aumento de la línea de crédito le ayuda a mejorar su puntuación crediticia ¿Ha llamado alguna vez a su proveedor de cable o teléfono para pedir una mejor tarifa y le han dado… | Mar 26, 2017
  18. Press: 800+ Club: Secrets of people with high credit scores
    There are some habits people in the 800-plus club tend to have in common, experts said: 1. They got their financial act together early. 2. They rarely close credit cards.  Even if you don't use… | Mar 23, 2017
  19. Press: No, the rest of America is not online shopping like you are
    There’s no doubt that online shopping is a wave that is roiling the retail industry — and our culture, for that matter. But it’s wave that’s not sweeping up all shoppers in quite the same… | Mar 14, 2017
  20. English: Savvy Online Shopping seminar lesson plan and class activities
    This packet, only available as a PDF file, provides guidance for community educators. It contains a detailed curriculum and classroom activities. | Feb 22, 2017
  21. English: Questions and answers about savvy online shopping and dispute resolution
    Written in Q&A format, this backgrounder answers many questions about savvy online shopping that are not covered in the companion brochures. | Feb 22, 2017
  22. Press: La lealtad a su tarjeta de crédito tiene precio
    Los emisores de dinero de plástico están lanzando muchas ofertas que pueden ser financieramente muy atractivas Si lleva más de 10 años con la misma tarjeta de crédito en su bolsillo sepa que no es… | Feb 20, 2017
  23. Press: Days may be numbered for consumer complaint database
    A government complaint database that helps consumers resolve grievances with financial institutions is one of several services that could soon be eliminated, according to a memo by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling… | Feb 13, 2017
  24. Press: Here’s what’s at stake as Trump moves to unravel Dodd-Frank
    President Trump signed an executive order that calls for his administration to review the landmark Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, with an eye toward revising or eliminating parts of the 2010 law. The administration official… | Feb 06, 2017
  25. Press: Will closing high-interest cards hurt your credit score?
    Dear Liz: I have a few credit cards with very high interest rates — in the mid-teens. My FICO has improved (805 to 830) and I carry little or no balance on the credit cards. I… | Feb 05, 2017
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