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  1. Korean: Freeze Your Credit File (Korean)
    신용 문서 "보안 동결"은 여러분이 신분도용의 피해를 당하지 않도록 하고 사기꾼들이 여러분의 개인 정보를 이용해 신용을 설정하는 것을 방지하는 데 도움을 주는 예방 도구입니다. 보안 동결은 여러분이 일시적 혹은 영구적으로 동결을 해제시키지 않는 한 여러분의 이름으로 새로운 크레딧이 설정되는 것을 방지합니다. 이 소책자는 여러분의 신용 문서를 "동결"시키는 방법을 설명하고 있습니다.
  2. Chinese: Freeze Your Credit File (Chinese)
  3. Spanish: Freeze Your Credit File (Spanish)
    El “congelamiento de seguridad” es una herramienta para ayudarle a prevenir el robo de identidad y evitar que impostores utilicen su información personal para establecer crédito. Esta publicación explica cómo “congelar” su crédito, lo cual… | Oct 06, 2017
  4. English: Freeze Your Credit File
    A credit file "security freeze" is a preventive tool to help you avoid identity theft and to block impostors from using your personal information to establish credit. This publication explains how to "freeze" your credit… | Oct 01, 2017
  5. Press: Correcting and protecting your credit record
    With frequent news of massive data breaches, consumers often are plagued with a sense of data insecurity, not knowing when the next hack will hit or how to effectively protect their sensitive personal information.… | Dec 16, 2015
  6. English: Good Credit - Build it and keep it (English)
    A fact sheet that explains what a credit history is, how to get your credit report, how to establish good credit and where to complain if you have a problem. | Feb 08, 2013
  7. English: ID Theft & Account Fraud - Leader’s Guide
    This 21-page backgrounder guide is written in question-and-answer format to help you anticipate frequently asked questions about identity theft and account fraud. Reading this guide can help prepare you for in-service or train-the-trainer presentations. Topics… | Oct 03, 2012
  8. Helpdesk: Fraudulent credit accounts
    Your first step should be to obtain a police report. Next, fill out the ID Theft Affidavit offered by the Federal Trade… | Apr 23, 2012
  9. Helpdesk: Debit cards and credit history
    No, debit card activity is not reported to the credit bureaus. Although debit and credit cards look the same, they are very different. With a debit card, you’re not using credit (borrowing money) since you’re… | Apr 23, 2012
  10. Helpdesk: Improving your credit score
    Here are some tips for improving your credit: Pay your bills on time. Paying an account late is better than never paying it at all. A payment that is 60 days late is worse… | Feb 29, 2012
  11. Helpdesk: Negative credit report information
    Negative information related to late payments remains on your credit report for seven years. A foreclosure remains on your report for seven years from its filing date, but its impact on your credit score… | Feb 29, 2012
  12. Helpdesk: Credit scores
    A credit score is an evaluation tool that reduces the information in your credit report to a three-digit number that helps lenders make quicker decisions. Credit scores help businesses predict which applicants are likely to… | Feb 29, 2012
  13. Helpdesk: Free credit reports
    To order your free annual credit reports with no obligation to purchase other services, go to is a website run by the credit bureau Experian.… | Feb 29, 2012
  14. Helpdesk: Obtaining your credit report
    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act entitles you to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months. Each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) are required to… | Feb 29, 2012
  15. Helpdesk: Prepaid cards and credit scores
    Because a prepaid card can be used only after you load your own money on to it, it cannot help you build credit. To build credit, you must borrow money and then pay it… | Feb 17, 2012
  16. Spanish: ID Theft & Account Fraud - PowerPoint Training Slides (Spanish)
    El archivo de la presentación en PowerPoint del seminario Robo de identidad y fraude de cuentas está disponible en la sección "Download File". | Oct 10, 2011
  17. Spanish: Good Credit - PowerPoint Training Slides (Spanish)
    El archivo de la presentación en PowerPoint del seminario Buen Crédito está disponible en la sección "Download File". | Oct 10, 2011
  18. English: Good Credit -  PowerPoint Training Slides
    The Good Credit PowerPoint training file is available for download in the "Download File" section. | Apr 29, 2011
  19. Helpdesk: Types of credit scores
    A credit score is a three-digit number that summarizes the information in your credit report and ranks your credit history against that of other consumers. A higher number makes you a lower credit risk.… | Jan 24, 2011
  20. English: Good Credit - Leader’s Guide
    A guide to help community-based organization staff educate their clients about credit. Topics include credit reports, credit history, establishing good credit, credit scoring, credit fraud and more. | Sep 20, 2010
  21. Korean: ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (Korean)
    신분 도용범은 불법적으로 이익을 보거나 자신의 본 신분을 감추고 새 신분 아래 숨으려고 하는 사람입니다. 또한 신분 도용은 사기꾼이 타인의 신분을 이용, 사기 및 기타 범죄 행위를 할 때 발생하기도 합니다. 이소책자는 신분 도용으로부터 여러분 자신을 보호하는 요령과 신분 도용의 피해자가 됐을 때 대처하는 요령 등을 설명하고 있습니다.
  22. Spanish: ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (Spanish)
    Un ladrón de identidad es un impostor que asume la identidad de otro para obtener ganancias ilegales o porque desea ocultarse detrás de una identidad nueva. El robo de identidad ocurre cuando el impostor utiliza… | Sep 10, 2010
  23. Chinese: ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (Chinese)
  24. English: ID Theft & Account Fraud - Prevention & Cleanup (English)
    An identity thief is an imposter who assumes another person’s identity in order to profit illegally or because the thief wants to hide behind a new identity. Identity theft—or ID theft—occurs when the imposter uses… | Sep 08, 2010
  25. Vietnamese: Good Credit - Build it and keep it (Vietnamese)
    Một tờ thông tin giải thích hạnh kiểm tín dụng, báo cáo tín dụng là gì, làm sao có được một bản báo cáo tín dụng của quý vị, làm thế nào để có được hạnh kiểm tín dụng tốt và làm thế nào để khiếu nại khi quý vị gặp vấn đề.
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