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  1. Press: Chili’s hit by data breach
    Hackers targeted Chili's restaurants to steal credit and debit card numbers and cardholder names from customers over the past two months. | May 15, 2018
  2. Press: Tens of thousands of Equifax document images were hacked last year (Chinese)
    Equifax信評機構7日向聯邦證券管理委員會提出報告,承認它去年發生的資料遇駭事件除了失去上億消費者的個人資料之外,還有幾萬個文件影像失竊,包括3200份護照影像。 | May 14, 2018
  3. Press: Bill purports to strengthen consumer protection. It does the opposite
    The White House Office of Management and Budget recently declared its support for legislation called the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act. The bill has been passed by the Senate and is expected… | May 04, 2018
  4. Press: Panera’s data breach puts attention on risks of loyalty programs
    The records belonged to customers who had registered for the MyPanera program to order food online. The details exposed included their names, email and physical addresses, birthdays, and the last four digits of user credit card numbers, according… | Apr 05, 2018
  5. Press: Up to 5 million accounts affected by another data breach
    A data breach at department store chains Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off Fifth and Lord & Taylor has compromised the personal information of customers who shopped at the stores. | Apr 02, 2018
  6. Press: Tips for better passwords
    The Under Armour hack is a reminder to use strong passwords. Here are a few ways to keep your personal info safe. | Mar 30, 2018
  7. Press: MyFitnessPal hack affects 150 million user accounts
    The accounts of about 150 million users of nutrition-tracking app MyFitnessPal were breached last month, Under Armour (UAA) said Thursday, adding its name to the list of corporations targeted by hackers. | Mar 30, 2018
  8. Press: España captura a hackers que robaron millones a bancos
    La policía en España capturó a una pandilla de hackers formada por ucranianos y rusos acusada de robarse más de 1.000 millones de euros (1.240 millones de dólares) de instituciones financieras en todo el mundo… | Mar 26, 2018
  9. Press: Zuckerberg broke his silence in the misuse of 50 million people’s personal information (Chinese)
    臉書爆發史上最大規模用戶資料外洩事件後,執行長朱克伯格打破5天來的緘默首次回應事件,強調臉書有責任保護用戶資料,而事件也破壞了臉書與用戶之間的信任,公司會安排多項補救措施,避免同類事件再次發生。 | Mar 23, 2018
  10. Press: How to reduce risks after Facebook’s breach (Chinese)
    Facebook(臉書)公司5000萬用戶個資遭不當濫用,許多使用者人心惶惶,深怕一個不小心就變成受害者。但是已經習慣臉書陪伴的人又不能一天沒有它,怎麼做才能減少風險呢? | Mar 22, 2018
  11. Press: Equifax data breach on the rise, new bill will impose fine on the next breach (Chinese)
    【新唐人2018年03月23日讯】美国三大信用报告公司之一的Equifax,在2017年遭到黑客攻击,导致了1.48亿美国用户的个人资料外洩。为保护信息安全,美国国会和加州议会分别提出新的法案,来看报导。 | Mar 22, 2018
  12. Press: Millions of users of Facebook data are harvested (Chinese)
    【新唐人2018年03月19日讯】3月16日,社交网站Facebook(脸书),曝出曾有五千万用户的个人资料,被第三方利用,引发各界谴责。而消费者信息安全话题,也再次引起热议。 | Mar 19, 2018
  13. Press: Applebee’s customers may have suffered credit card breach
    A franchise owner of 167 Applebee's restaurants in 15 states says malware on its point of sale systems could have exposed customers' credit card information to hackers. | Mar 09, 2018
  14. Press: More alarming news from the Equifax - 2.4M more consumers affected (Chinese)
    信用監控公司Equifax去年爆發客戶個資遭駭事件,當時約有1億4550萬名美國消費者受到影響,但現在卻將遭害消費者的人數上修至1億4790萬人。Equifax在1日發表聲明表示,過去這段期間又發現240萬名美國消費者的姓名、駕照號碼遭竊,之前的統計報告並沒有查出這批受害者。 | Mar 02, 2018
  15. Press: The Equifax hack is way worse than consumers knew (Chinese)
    Consumer Action's Kathy Li was interviewed by KTSF on Equifax leaks. Please watch the video for details in Mandarin. | Feb 12, 2018
  16. Press: Las grandes empresas se unen para instar a los legisladores a vender la privacidad de los consumi…
    Las grandes empresas se unen para instar a los legisladores a vender la privacidad de los consumidores Veintidós grupos de la industria, que representan a miles de empresas de los Estados Unidos, enviaron una carta… | Jan 16, 2018
  17. Press: Meses después de la violación de datos a Equifax, las protecciones de privacidad para…
    Meses después de la violación de datos a Equifax, las protecciones de privacidad para consumidores siguen ausentes Este es el año en que las garantías de privacidad finalmente se activarán para los consumidores, después de… | Jan 07, 2018
  18. Press: Florida: Hackeo de Medicaid expone miles de expedientes
    Piratas cibernéticos podrían haber tenido acceso a la información personal y los expedientes médicos de hasta 30.000 personas inscritas en el Medicaid... | Jan 05, 2018
  19. Press: Data breach affected millions of people (Chinese)
    (本報訊)亨特(Troy Hunt)從互聯網上最黑暗的角落收集了48億份被盜竊身分的紀錄,但他並非黑客。 | Dec 07, 2017
  20. Press: Uber told SoftBank about data breach before telling public (Chinese)
    叫車服務公司優步(Uber Technologies Inc)今天指出,在21日將大量用戶數據遭駭外洩公諸社會大眾前,曾與可能的投資者軟體銀行(SoftBank Group Corp)討論過此事。   | Nov 23, 2017
  21. Press: Uber escondió el ‘hackeo’ de datos de usuarios y pagó a los atacantes para que borraran los datos
    Uber reveló el martes que piratas informáticos habían robado 57 millones de cuentas de conductores y pasajeros; la empresa había decidido mantener el ataque en secreto por más de un año después de pagar un… | Nov 22, 2017
  22. Press: En poco tiempo hackers penetraron campaña de Clinton
    A los hackers que se robaron los correos electrónicos de la campaña presidencial de Hillary Clinton les tomó apenas una semana penetrar la cuenta del director de la campaña John Podestá. | Nov 03, 2017
  23. Press: What to do if your financial information is stolen
    Contrary to what movies portray, the most common crimes are not Taken-style abductions or home invasions, but the theft of personal information.  "The most effective way to keep tabs on all of these accounts is… | Oct 19, 2017
  24. Press: Equifax website hacked with malware (Chinese)
    上個月才宣布曾遭駭的Equifax信用監測公司,12日再傳網安事故,因為有個網頁出現一種程式碼會把用戶導向一個惡意網址,敦促他們下載惡意軟體,被迫把其網站部分關閉。 | Oct 13, 2017
  25. Press: White House proposed changing Social Security numbers to new ID (Chinese)
    雅虎(Yahoo)、信用報告公司Equifax陸續爆發大規模遭駭事件,上億名美國用戶個人隱私資料外流,也引發了長久以來用社會安全號(social security number)做為個人代號安全性的探討;有鑒於此,川普政府正在籌議用新ID來代替美國人現有的社安號。 | Oct 05, 2017
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