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  1. Press: EEUU: Facebook impugna pesquisas gubernamentales a usuarios
    Las principales compañías tecnológicas y grupos defensores de las libertades civiles han cerrado filas con Facebook en la lucha que ésta libra en tribunales contra el acceso del gobierno a cuentas de... | Jul 16, 2017
  2. Press: Facebook despliega inteligencia artificial contra terrorismo
    Facebook comenzó a desplegar sus capacidades de inteligencia artificial para ayudar a evitar que los terroristas usen sus servicios, señaló la compañía el jueves. | Jun 15, 2017
  3. Press: Cómo reportar noticias falsas en Facebook
    ¿Qué está haciendo Facebook para detener la expansión de la desinformación? Si veo un artículo de noticias falsas, ¿cómo lo reporto? Facebook mejoró sus esfuerzos para combatir la difusión de información falsa y engaños a… | Jun 07, 2017
  4. Press: E.U. fines Facebook $122 million over disclosures in WhatsApp deal
    On Thursday, the European Union’s powerful antitrust chief fined the social network 110 million euros, or about $122 million, for giving misleading statements during the company’s $19 billion acquisition of the internet messaging service WhatsApp… | May 19, 2017
  5. Press: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft y Google nos tienen atrapados
    Hace algunas semanas compré un televisor nuevo. Cuando terminé todo el proceso, me di cuenta de que había sucedido algo increíble: para pasar por todos los detalles exasperantes que rodearon esta transacción comercial —decidir qué… | May 12, 2017
  6. Press: Facebook prohíbe usar información para “espionaje”
    Facebook dijo el lunes que los programadores tienen prohibido usar la gran cantidad de información que recoge de usuarios para propósitos de espionaje. Esto incluye el uso de esta información para vigilar a activistas y… | Mar 12, 2017
  7. Press: Facebook wants to help you find a job — even if you’re not looking
    Facebook users in the United States and Canada can now search and apply for jobs directly from the social-media platform. | Feb 17, 2017
  8. Press: Facebook is starting its own journalism project
    The move could be seen as an extension of its vow earlier this year to crack down on fake news.  Facebook outlined 10 key points that it hopes to address with the project. These include working… | Jan 12, 2017
  9. Press: Tech giants seem invincible. That worries lawmakers.
    We have entered a new era in the tech business, one that is typified less by the storied start-up in a garage than by five tech giants: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet, Google’s parent… | Jan 05, 2017
  10. Press: Facebook doesn’t tell users everything it really knows about them
    Facebook has long let users see all sorts of things the site knows about them, like whether they enjoy soccer, have recently moved, or like Melania Trump. But the tech giant gives users little indication… | Jan 04, 2017
  11. Press: Facebook dice que pedidos oficiales de datos de usuarios creció un 27 pct
    Facebook Inc dijo el miércoles que los pedidos gubernamentales de datos de usuarios crecieron un 27 por ciento en la primera mitad de 2016... | Dec 20, 2016
  12. Press: Don’t Quit Social Media. Put It to Work for Your Career
    As director of digital communications and social media at the career site Monster, I read Cal Newport’s recent Preoccupations column, “Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It,” with great interest. Mr. Newport argues… | Dec 06, 2016
  13. Press: Facebook and Google struggling to purge fake news
    Earlier this week, Facebook joining Google in taking the most serious steps yet to crack down on purveyors of phony stories by cutting off a critical source of funding — the ads that online platforms… | Nov 16, 2016
  14. Press: Google y Facebook van tras los sitios de noticias falsas
    Desde la semana pasada, dos de las empresas de internet más grandes del mundo han enfrentado cada vez más críticas acerca de cómo las noticias falsas en sus sitios pudieron haber influido en el resultado… | Nov 15, 2016
  15. Press: Un estudio halla que Facebook podría estar asociado con una vida más larga
    A lo largo de la década pasada, conforme nuestras vidas sociales se han trasladado a redes sociales como Facebook ha habido mucha preocupación en torno a lo que todo ese tiempo frente a las pantallas… | Nov 13, 2016
  16. Press: Tech companies expect free, high-speed internet to pay off
    With broadband now classified like a utility, telecom and tech companies, including Sprint, Comcast and Facebook, are increasingly working to make high-speed internet accessible to every American, not just a luxury. The companies are among… | Oct 12, 2016
  17. Press: Facebook’s new marketplace goes wrong
    On Monday morning, Facebook introduced Marketplace, a new section on its mobile app that allowed its users to buy and sell with their friends and strangers. By the evening, the social giant was apologizing for… | Oct 05, 2016
  18. Press: Relaxing privacy vow, WhatsApp to share some data with Facebook
    When Facebook bought the start-up WhatsApp in 2014, Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s co-founder, declared that the deal would not affect the digital privacy of his mobile messaging service’s millions of users.  Two years later, WhatsApp said… | Aug 25, 2016
  19. Press: The personal data Facebook uses to advertise to you
    Facebook just revamped its ad preference settings to make them significantly easier for users to understand. They’ve also launched a new ad education portal, which explains, in general terms, how Facebook targets ads. But it… | Aug 21, 2016
  20. Press: Facebook to add ‘secret conversations’ to messenger app
    On Friday, Facebook said it will begin testing “secret conversations” inside Messenger, a feature that offers end-to-end encryption on some messages to be read only on the two mobile devices that users are communicating with. | Jul 08, 2016
  21. Press: Facebook’s “Safety Check” implemented
    Facebook turned on its "Safety Check" feature for the first time in the U.S. in the wake of the Orlando shooting in which 50 people were killed in a nightclub by a gunman. The feature… | Jun 13, 2016
  22. Press: Facebook has 50 minutes of your time each day. It wants more
    Fifty minutes. That’s the average amount of time, the company said, that users spend each day on its Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms (and that’s not counting the popular messaging app WhatsApp). | May 06, 2016
  23. Press: How you’re making Facebook a money machine
    Your addiction is making Facebook astonishingly profitable. Put a little more kindly, your emotional and intellectual interactions on the social network are creating a great place for companies to advertise. | May 01, 2016
  24. Press: Schools helping police spy on social media activity
    Schools across the country are adopting controversial programs that monitor their students' social media activity for criminal or threatening behavior. | Apr 23, 2016
  25. Press: How’s your online data being shared?
    Technology makes it easy to share and tag images of your face online. But recent lawsuits against Facebook, Google and Shutterfly argue that the companies violate the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by doing so… | Apr 20, 2016
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