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Fraudulent Tax Returns

  1. Press: Former identity thief now fights crimes he helped perfect
    Few people know more about identity theft than Brett Shannon Johnson, a convicted identity thief who was once on the Secret Service’s Most Wanted list. Johnson made millions developing online fraud techniques and creating two… | Jan 15, 2018
  2. Press: Ready for the 2018 tax season? Why you should file early
    The IRS said it expects to get nearly 155 million individual tax returns this year. There’s good reason to not procrastinate in filing your tax return. You don’t want identity thieves to beat you to… | Jan 11, 2018
  3. Press: Indian call center posing as IRS may have bilked Americans out of millions
    The callers told their American victims they were conducting a “tax revision” or that they had defaulted on payments to the IRS and would then obtain their personal financial information and withdraw money from their… | Oct 07, 2016
  4. Press: When someone else claims your tax refund
    By now, most Americans have filed their 2015 returns and gotten their refunds, and will probably ignore their taxes for the rest of the year. But a growing number of people may not see their… | Jun 09, 2016

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