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  1. Press: Cómo evitar la entrada de los ‘hackers’ a nuestros hogares
    ¿Cuán seguro es usar mis dispositivos inteligentes en la red wifi de mi casa? ¿Debo preocuparme por eso y qué puedo hacer? Los investigadores han encontrado vulnerabilidades en dispositivos tan básicos como las bombillas de… | Jun 14, 2017
  2. Press: Los programas maliciosos son una puerta a nuevos delitos como el ‘ransomware’
    El primer mensaje que apareció en la pantalla le dejaba claro a la víctima que había sido hackeada; el segundo les ofrecía una manera de librarse. | Jun 12, 2017
  3. Press: Malware case is a major blow for the NSA
    “For half a century, N.S.A. pried into other people’s secrets,” said Amy B. Zegart, a Stanford University professor who studies intelligence agencies. “Now they’re suddenly sitting ducks who have their secrets stolen and used around… | May 17, 2017
  4. Press: How to catch hackers? Old-school sleuthing with a digital twist
    In the global search for the criminals that continued Sunday, investigators are following much the same process that detectives in the physical world have used for decades: secure the crime scene, collect forensic evidence and… | May 15, 2017
  5. Press: Cómo atrapar a un cibercriminal: los desafíos de los ‘detectives’ digitales
    Quienes roban bancos y escapan en camionetas con placas falsas usan máscara. Los secuestradores envían cartas con pedidos de rescate hechas con recortes de periódicos para que no puedan descifrar su letra. Los asaltantes de casas buscan… | May 15, 2017
  6. Press: What Windows users should know about the latest bugs
    Microsoft announced late Friday that it had already fixed a number of Windows security vulnerabilities before they were revealed last week by the Shadow Brokers — a group that has released several leaks about the… | Apr 18, 2017
  7. Press: It’s possible to hack a phone with sound waves, research shows
    A security loophole that would allow someone to add extra steps to the counter on your Fitbit monitor might seem harmless. But researchers say it points to the broader risks that come with technology’s embedding… | Mar 15, 2017
  8. Press: WikiLeaks releases trove of alleged C.I.A. hacking documents
    In what appears to be the largest leak of C.I.A documents in history, WikiLeaks released on Tuesday thousands of pages describing sophisticated software tools and techniques used by the agency to break into smartphones, computers… | Mar 08, 2017
  9. Press: How to fend off a highjacking of home devices
    Modern homes today are getting internet-connected light bulbs, thermostats, TVs and speakers.  If one of these devices gets hijacked, hackers could potentially snoop around for sensitive data like financial or health information. When shopping for… | Feb 02, 2017
  10. Press: Piratas informáticos asumen control de cuenta de Netflix en Twitter
    Una de las cuentas de Netflix en Twitter fue hackeada el miércoles por un grupo que se autodenomina "OurMine"... | Dec 20, 2016
  11. Press: Investigación del Condado de Los Ángeles sobre el ‘hackeo’ termina en cargos contra un nigeriano
    Las autoridades de Los Ángeles investigaron a un presunto hacker (pirata informático) que potencialmente pudo tener acceso a información privada de cerca de 750 mil personas de la institución. Pero procesarlo representa un nuevo desafío. | Dec 19, 2016
  12. Press: Los ataques de hackers generan bonanza en el sector de ciberseguros
    Las pólizas contra robo de datos son las de mayor crecimiento en EE.UU. El producto de seguros de más rápido crecimiento en Estados Unidos es la póliza contra los robos de datos electrónicos, gracias a… | Dec 14, 2016
  13. Press: Hackean sistema ferroviario de San Francisco
    Algunos pasajeros del sistema público de trenes de San Francisco pudieron viajar gratis durante parte del asueto del Día de Acción de Gracias...   | Nov 27, 2016
  14. Press: Experts advise consumers of self-protection against online hackers (Chinese)
    【新唐人2016年10月28日讯】在资讯发达的时代,网络便捷,但黑客也无所不在、虎视眈眈,民众该如何自保?让专家来告诉大家。 | Oct 27, 2016
  15. Press: Más y mejor seguridad para poder vivir en un mundo del internet de las cosas
    La visión del llamado internet de las cosas —darle a todo tipo de cosas físicas una transformación digital— ha estado adelantada a la realidad por años, pero esa brecha se está cerrando rápidamente. Hoy en… | Oct 21, 2016
  16. Press: Insiders say defending against hackers took backseat at Yahoo
    Yahoo was slow to invest in the kinds of defenses necessary to thwart sophisticated hackers that are now considered standard in Silicon Valley, according to half a dozen current and former company employees who participated… | Sep 28, 2016
  17. Press: What you should do if you have a Yahoo account
    Yahoo confirmed Thursday that at least 500 million user accounts had been affected by a massive breach. Here are some answers to basic questions that you may have about the breach. | Sep 23, 2016
  18. Press: Hacked Dropbox data of 68 million users for sale on the dark Web
    The data set, which is from a 2012 breach, includes users' email addresses as well as obscured passwords. Dropbox announced the four-year-old breach last week when it sent out an email to affected users informing them that they would… | Sep 08, 2016
  19. Press: Con laptop robaban autos en Texas que terminaban en México
    Dos hombres encarcelados en Houston y acusados de utilizar software pirateado para robar más de 100 vehículos habrían aprovechado una vulnerabilidad electrónica con el fin de convertir el simple atraco de autos en un crimen… | Aug 05, 2016
  20. Press: Your guide to online privacy
    Should you tape over your webcam? Is it OK to use your computer’s operating system, or do you have to run Tails? And what the hell is Tails? Unless you’re a high-profile target—and you’re probably… | Jul 20, 2016
  21. Press: Cambie códigos, haga copias: Consejos para combatir hackers
    Lo ha escuchado muchas veces y probablemente nunca lo hace. Si no cambia sus contraseñas, sin embargo, estará más expuesto a los hackers. El cambio periódico de contraseñas, la actualización del software y un análisis… | May 07, 2016
  22. Press: Hackers’ 81 million attack on world banking
    An $81million sneak attack on a number of banks reflects a growing sophistication among digital criminals, who for years have been breaching personal bank accounts and stealing credit card credentials. | Apr 30, 2016
  23. Press: Hospitals are hackers’ biggest new target
    For years, hospitals and the health care industry have been focused on keeping patient data from falling into the wrong hands. But the recent attacks at MedStar and other hospitals across the country highlight an… | Apr 04, 2016
  24. Press: Hospital cyberattack highlights health care vulnerabilities
    A cyberattack that paralyzed the hospital chain MedStar this week is serving as a fresh reminder of vulnerabilities that exist in systems that protect sensitive patient information. | Mar 31, 2016
  25. Press: What if feds have found a way to crack shooter’s iPhone?
    What would be worse for a company that has insisted privacy is core to its identity — and whose marquee device is among the safest on the market? Caving to government pressure and writing its… | Mar 23, 2016
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