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  1. Press: The new tax form is postcard-size, but more complicated than ever
    A new version of the 1040 income tax form, set for release this week, omits some popular deductions and requires several work sheets for many taxpayers to complete. | Jun 26, 2018
  2. Press: Keep the kiddie tax at bay
    Taxes can take a big bite from a child's unearned income, such as investment gains. | May 04, 2018
  3. Press: Now’s a very, very good time to look at the IRS calculator for 2018
    Before you forget about federal taxes for a while, it's worth visiting the IRS 2018 Withholding Calculator. Your taxes are likely to be very different next year. It's better to check now than wait for a… | Apr 18, 2018
  4. Press: Thinking about getting an advance on your tax refund?
    Tax-refund advance loans can come with some hidden fees. | Apr 16, 2018
  5. Press: Red flags that your tax preparer is a fraud
    The IRS routinely releases examples of cases of real-life investigations that have led to criminal prosecution and sentences for tax-prep fraud and abuse. The National Consumers League has offered the following red flags that can signal… | Apr 06, 2018
  6. Press: EEUU penalizaría a inmigrantes que usen crédito fiscal
    El gobierno del presidente Donald Trump evalúa una propuesta que penalizaría a los inmigrantes que acepten casi cualquier tipo de prestación pública, incluyendo un popular crédito fiscal.   | Mar 29, 2018
  7. Press: Tax planners look for loopholes amid uncertainty over new law
    Professionals and their tax lawyers are seeking ways to remake their operations as a result of the massive tax overhaul passed in December by Congress. | Mar 26, 2018
  8. Featured: It’s tax time—and unfortunately time for an uptick in tax scams!
    “This is taxing” is the lead theme of our March 2018 SCAM GRAM newsletter. Read it free and pass it along to a friend. | Mar 15, 2018
  9. Press: After tax cut, companies spend more on themselves than on wages
    President Trump promised that his tax cut would encourage companies to invest in factories, workers and wages, setting off a spending spree that would reinvigorate the American economy. Companies have announced plans for some of… | Feb 27, 2018
  10. Press: Kids and taxes
    When do minors need to file taxes? Can families benefit from the child tax credit? Experts share tips. | Feb 26, 2018
  11. Press: How the standard tax deduction could cost you
    Most people take the standard deduction, according to IRS data, but tax pros warn that if you’re not careful, taking the standard deduction could actually stick you with a larger tax bill. When the standard… | Feb 22, 2018
  12. Press: 4 signs you shouldn’t do your own tax return
    Some taxpayers are lucky to have simple tax situations. If all you have is a W-2 from your employer and maybe a 1099-INT from your bank savings account, then you can use the simplified Form 1040EZ… | Feb 20, 2018
  13. Press: Is your tax pro worth the money?
    While some people toil over complicated tax forms, others ship their paperwork off to a professional to do the work for them. Using a paid preparer can make life easier for taxpayers, but how do… | Feb 16, 2018
  14. Press: Sold bitcoin last year? Here’s how to do your taxes
    Reporting bitcoin on your taxes can get tricky. | Feb 16, 2018
  15. Press: Check your paycheck — you might be getting too much money
    With a new tax law in the land, this means you might need to do some calculations to see if your withholding is correct. I know. You’re preoccupied with gathering the documents for your 2017 tax… | Feb 14, 2018
  16. Press: Where did your pay raise go? It may have become a bonus
    The recent stock market rumpus has been set off in part by fears that a tight labor market and quickening wage growth are a foretaste of higher inflation and interest rates. But sustained raises for… | Feb 12, 2018
  17. Press: Tax filing season starts Jan. 29: Here’s what you need to know
    As with any year, if you have a refund coming, you want to file as soon as you can. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be a bit slower on the uptake this year than… | Jan 27, 2018
  18. Press: Ready for the 2018 tax season? Why you should file early
    The IRS said it expects to get nearly 155 million individual tax returns this year. There’s good reason to not procrastinate in filing your tax return. You don’t want identity thieves to beat you to… | Jan 11, 2018
  19. Press: I.R.S. paid $20 Million to collect $6.7 million in tax debts
    Private debt collectors cost the Internal Revenue Service $20 million in the last fiscal year, but brought in only $6.7 million in back taxes, the agency’s taxpayer advocate reported Wednesday. That was less than 1… | Jan 11, 2018
  20. Press: Demócratas en los estados preparan respuestas a ley fiscal
    En Nueva Jersey y California, altos funcionarios demócratas quieren permitir que la gente haga donaciones de bien público al estado en lugar de pagar ciertos impuestos. En Connecticut y Nueva York... | Jan 06, 2018
  21. Press: Financial tips 2018 on taxes, savings and insurance
    Insurance isn’t sexy. In fact, it’s boring. But insurance is the foundation of any financial plan, as it protects people from catastrophic losses that can wipe them out. Jan. 1 is the time to make… | Jan 02, 2018
  22. Press: Can you save money prepaying your property taxes?
    The Internal Revenue Service released guidance on who can prepay 2018 property taxes, saying taxpayers could do so only limited circumstances:  If the local tax authority has already told a taxpayer how much they owe in property taxes for… | Dec 28, 2017
  23. Press: How the tax bill impacts homeowners, buyers and sellers
    Mortgage interest deductions: The new law caps the limit on deductible mortgage debt at $750,000 for loans taken out after Dec. 14. (Loans made before that date can continue to deduct interest on mortgage debt… | Dec 21, 2017
  24. Press: ‘Average’ homeowners have something to fear from tax plan
    You’ve probably heard that residents in “rich,” high-tax coastal states like New York and California are getting badly screwed by the Republican tax bill that’s about to pass. What you haven’t heard is that plenty… | Dec 20, 2017
  25. Press: The tax bill was the easy part. The next debate could be much uglier
    The Republican overhaul of the tax code sets the stage for years of politically fraught debate over what the government should provide for its citizens and how much it should demand in taxes. The debate… | Dec 20, 2017
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