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CA News Logo Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2021 The April 2021 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER describes our new Share Financial Data with Care FinTech educational campaign to help consumers stay security savvy while using financial technology apps and online platforms; outlines how our FinTech work has helped consumers save money, even during the pandemic; tells readers how to get out of an unwanted auto-renewal service; details our latest webinar on food insecurity during the pandemic (part of our COVID-19 Educational Project); presents the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's latest work to protect students, homeowners and retirees; details our recent coalition efforts; shares the latest happenings at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and announces new settlements posted in our Class Action Database. (Wednesday, March 31, 2021)

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Five Recent Publications

Savvy Online Shopping - PowerPoint Slides

Savvy Online Shopping - PowerPoint Slides.

The downloadable Savvy Online Shopping PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in conjunction with the lesson plan, adding a visual component that will help engage learners and improve retention.

Savvy Online Shopping - Seminar Lesson Plan and Class Activities

Savvy Online Shopping - Seminar Lesson Plan and Class Activities.

This packet, only available as a PDF file, provides guidance for community educators. It contains a detailed curriculum and classroom activities.

Questions and Answers about Savvy Online Shopping and Dispute Resolution

Questions and Answers about Savvy Online Shopping and Dispute Resolution.

Written in Q&A format, this backgrounder answers many questions about savvy online shopping that are not covered in the companion brochures.

Savvy Online Shopping: How to resolve a dispute

Savvy Online Shopping: How to resolve a dispute.

Consumers who shop online sometimes run into problems, from delivery or product issues to billing questions or disputes. This publication explains the steps that online shoppers can take to avoid or resolve these and other problems that might arise.

Savvy Online Shopping: Tips for trouble-free transactions

Savvy Online Shopping: Tips for trouble-free transactions.

Online shopping offers all sorts of benefits, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without potential risks. This publication explains how to reduce hassles by protecting your personal information, making wise choices about where you shop and how you pay, and taking steps to avoid disputes.

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Stopping Identity Theft Cover ArtStopping Identity Theft 

This book outlines 10 steps you can take to protect yourself or your family from ID theft and medical identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America.

By reading this book, you will learn what to do now to safeguard your bank accounts,…

The Privacy Advocates Cover ArtThe Privacy Advocates 

Today, personal information is captured, processed, and disseminated in a bewildering variety of ways, and through increasingly sophisticated, miniaturized, and distributed technologies: identity cards, biometrics, video surveillance, the use of cookies and spyware by Web sites, data mining and profiling, and many others.

Privacy Wars Cover ArtPrivacy Wars 

Exploring the conflict between civil liberties and national security, this book sounds the alarm about the current state of surveillance in the United States. Addressing the ease with which the federal government can monitor the telephone calls, e-mail, credit card purchases, money transfers, and…

Understanding Privacy Cover ArtUnderstanding Privacy 

Privacy is one of the most important concepts of our time, yet it is also one of the most elusive. As rapidly changing technology makes information increasingly available, scholars, activists, and policymakers have struggled to define privacy, with many conceding that the task is…

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